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Experienced in all aspects of bankruptcy, the office has represented individuals as well as small corporations in 18 years of practice.

During the initial meeting, we will review your particular circumstances and determine what is best for you. We will go over how bankruptcy works, its benefits to you and the detriment, if any.

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  • Collections

    The office will review with you any attempts to collect debts against you.

    Is the collector violating the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act? Is the debt negotiable? Is there a way to avoid bankruptcy, keep all of your property, and resolve the debt? Together, we will explore all of these options with you.
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  • Loan Modifications

    Now is the time to attempt to modify your mortgage.

    If the value of your home is less then you owe or your interest rate is high, you may want to look into loan modifications. The office can help you determine whether it will work for you.
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  • Foreclosure

    If you are facing foreclosure, we can meet to discuss all your options.

    Our initial meeting is free. The office can help you determine whether keeping your home is a possibility.
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